Triops Beni Kabuto ebi Albino

Beni-kabuto Ebi Albino - The red cancriformis

The Triops Beni-kabuto ebi albino has its origin in Japan, so it is an Asian Triops-species. Yet he is congeneric with the European Triops Cancriformis.The Beni-kabuto ebi albino, like the Red longicaudatus, is lacking the color gene, which results in also him being an albino. As the blood of the Triops is reddish, it makes it seem like this Triops has a red body. The temperature in which he is comfortable lies at 19-24 ° C, the same as for the Cancriformis,. Also in other regards, they do behave very alike. The Triops Beni-kabuto ebi albino does not tend to be very cannibalistic. Providing sufficient amounts of food helps prevent the cannibalism very successfully. The Beni-kabuto ebi albino settles in Japan mostly in rice fields and ponds during the rainy season. This Triops-species has a very short tail and is one of the smaller Triops-species. Its size can measure up to 8 cm including the tail, even though realistically one can say that most Beni's reach a size of 4 - 5 centimeters.

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