Streptocephalus sealii

Streptocephalus sealii Feenkrebse - LBs

Streptocephalus sealii are Fairy Shrimp of a slightly smaller type. The origin of this Fairy Shrimp species lies in North America. This Fairy Shrimp reach a size of about 2 - 3 centimeters. They are often referred to as “Red Tail Fairy Shrimp”, as they have a red tail fin. The Streptocephalus sealii fairy Shrimp live for about 6 - 8 weeks, and can lay a lot of eggs or cysts during that time. They swim very cheerfully through the aquarium. The Streptocephalus sealii likes temperatures of about 25 ° Celsius best. As with other Fairy Shrimp species, there are males as well as females to be found among the Red Tail Fairy Shrimp. They can be distinguished by the sharp tip of the egg sac.

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