Triops Granarius

Triops Granarius - The Asian Tadpole Shrimp

The Triops Granarius originated in Asia. By now, the Granarius can also be found on other continents, such as Africa and Europe. As a result, the Triops Granarius belongs to the Triops-species with the largest geographical distribution. The special feature of the Triops Granarius is that this species occurs oogamously. This means nothing else than hermaphroditic, as males and females. One can distinguish their sex according to their coloring. The males exhibit a brown color. The females lay only unfertilized eggs, so it is required that a male Granarius fertilizes them. When Triops Granarius mate, it initially seems as if they are eating each other, even though the Triops actually just mate. With 40%, the proportion of male Granarius is much higher than in other Triops-species. Although this Asian Tadpole Shrimp is mostly staying on the ground, they are very good and fast swimmers due to their long tails. Triops Granarius’ reach a size of about 6 to 10 centimeters, including their tail fork that is. He feels very comfortable at temperatures of 22-26 ° Celsius and can, therefore, be easily held without heating elements in the aquarium if the room temperatures are adequate. Their lifespan will be 6 - 10 weeks, depending on temperature and care.

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