biewertail fairy shrimps

Primeval crayfish

The beaver tail fairy crustacean, or also called Thamnocephalus platyurus by experts, is very well distinguishable from most other fairy shrimps due to its size and tail. This type of fairy shrimp is native to the western part of the United States of America. The beaver tail fairy shrimp, similar to other fairy shrimps, propagates with its partner. There are male as well as female Biberschwanz Faenkrebse. During the mating act, the male, the beaver tail female, holds fast with the help of his powerful antennae. The color of beaver tail fairy shrimp ranges between a light shade of white and a shade of red. The coloring of the fair shrimps is mainly dependent on the light. This type of fairy shrimp is also very popular because of its size, because the beaver tail fairy shrimps can reach a size between 3 - 5 centimeters. Also, their growth is usually very fast. Often these fairy shrimps have already reached a height of over one centimeter after one week. This, in turn, makes this fairy crayfish very interesting for young and old. If you look closer to the tail, it is very easy to see that this differs greatly from the tails of other fairy crayfish. The beaver tail fairy shrimp, as one can imagine, because of their tail so called. This has the shape of a beaver tail. Other fairy shrimps, on the other hand, have a furca as a rump. As a rule, the beaver tail fairy shrimps are white on the body and reddish on the tail.

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