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Triops, Tadpole Shrimps, Fairy Shrimps & Sea Monkeys for sale


At Triops King you get everything you need for optimal rearing of Triops and other Tadpole Shrimp. Triops eggs, high-quality accessories that have been tried and tested and are very well suited for rearing Tadpole Shrimp, as well as very friendly and competent advice. Nowhere else is it so fun to buy Tadpole Shrimp and then admire the Triops in your own Tadpole Shrimp Aquarium at home. Whether Longicaudatus, Which Are Known As American Tadpole Shrimp Because That Is Where They Find Their Origin, Cancriformis, The Tadpole Shrimp Originating In Europe, Granarius, Which Are Native To Rice Fields In Asia, Beni Kabuto El Albino, The Albino Species Of Cancriformis, Australiasis, Newberryi Or other triop species. You will even find fairy shrimps, such as beaver tail fairy shrimps or Branchinella Thailandensis Sanoamuang in our online shop for Tadpole Shrimp.


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Tadpole Shrimp You Can Buy From Many Dealers On The Internet. But only very few really deal with the Tadpole Shrimp. At Triops King we offer you expert advice before your purchase and we are here to help you anytime after your purchase. You can buy your Tadpole Shrimp from us completely risk-free. In addition to an encrypted ordering process and very fast shipping, we also offer a service like no other Triops dealer.

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Tadpole Shrimp are not just our hobby – Tadpole Shrimp are our vocation!

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Triops King, the online store for tadpole shrimp and aquarium accessories, stands for quality, service and sustainability.

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