Triops Longicaudatus

Triops longicaudatus – The American tadpole shrimp

The Triops longicaudatus is also known as the American type of tadpole shrimps because the Triops longicaudatus usually occurs in America, where it was initially found. The T. longicaudatus is the most popular type of the Triops-species which is why the Longicaudatus is one of the most researched types of Triops. The Longicaudatus is a remarkable master of adaptation. It adapts excellently to his environment as for example to ponds which build up in spring and dry out completely in the summer. The Triops longicaudatus already lived in times of the first dinosaurs and, up until today, still inhabits the earth together with us. The color of the shell can be equated with a light brown color. From an age of about two weeks onwards, they are able to release their Triops-eggs. It does so when its egg sacs are filled, by burying his Triops-eggs in the sand. Adult Triops longicaudatus can release up to 200 eggs, or cysts as they are also called, per day, and usually reach an age of up to 12 weeks.

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