Triops Red Longicaudatus

Triops Red longicaudatus - The red longicaudatus

The Triops Red longicaudatus and the Triops longicaudatus are congeneric. His red coloration does not result from a special Triops-food but from his own blood. It tints the Red longicaudatus red due to the fact that, through a genetic defect, it is an albino version of the normal Triops longicaudatus. To our knowledge, there has been no finding of an Albino longicaudatus outdoors. It has evolved over time through progeny in the aquarium. The breeding and husbandry conditions are identical to those of the Triops longicaudatus. Nevertheless, the Triops Red longicaudatus, perhaps due to its genetic defect, is slightly more fragile in the breeding. In addition, it often exhibits a somewhat lower lifespan as compared to the Triops longicaudatus. It is, as the Longicaudatus, a rapidly growing Triops and equally able to bury his Triops-eggs in the aquarium sand as of the age of about 2 weeks. With its red color, the Triops longicaudatus brings a magnificent play of colors into your aquarium. This Triops particularly shows to advantage in combination with dark tank sand or gravel. Furthermore, it is possible to keep the Triops Red longicaudatus in the same tank together with the Triops longicaudatus.

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