Triops Newberryi

Triops newberryi Tadpole Shrimp from the USA

The Triops newberryi is a thermophilic Triops. The Newberryi got its name from its place of discovery in the North American Newberryi. It needs water temperatures of about 27-32 Degrees Celsius. The Triops Newberryi ensures a biological balance, because it eats mosquito larvae and, thus, slightly reduces their number. Despite the high temperatures, it does not grow faster than most other Tadpole Shrimps. Unfortunately, the temperatures often take a bit of a toll on his lifespan which usually does not exceed 10 weeks. Their shell is slightly narrower than that of most other Triops-species. The shell of Triops Newberryi exhibits, similarly to Triops Cancriformis, a light-brownish marbling. This Triops-species exhibits, like the Cancriformis, a relatively short tail as compared to the Longicaudatus or Triops Australiensis.. Usually, it reaches a size of 5 - 7 centimeters, including its tail fork.

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