Triops Cancriformis

Triops Cancriformis - The tadpole shrimp from Europe

The Triops cancriformis, it is said, is the oldest tadpole shrimp in the world. There are even people who say that the Triops cancriformis is not only the oldest prehistoric tadpole shrimp but also the oldest animal on our planet. We ourselves are a bit skeptical of this theory, as it has not been proven on a well-founded basis. The origin and locality of the Triops cancriformis lies in Europe, more specifically in Bavaria. Therefore, it is also referred to as a European Triops-species. This tadpole shrimp is very frugal when it comes to temperatures. He does not like it all too hot and, therefore, grows best at 19-24 ° C. Due to the slightly cooler temperatures does the Cancriformis grow much more slowly than other Triops-species. Nevertheless, its life expectancy is usually 10-12 weeks. It is characterized by a brownish-marbled shell and a relatively short tail. Unlike some other Triops-species, such as the Queensland or the Longicaudatus, does the Triops cancriformis take it rather easy and spends his time less with swimming and a lot more with digging in the sand.

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