Branchinella Thailandensis Sanoamuang

Branchinella Thailandensis Sanoamuang Fairy Shrimp

The Branchinella Thailandensis Sanoamuang are of Thai origin. That is also the reason why this Fairy Shrimp prefers rather warmer temperatures. Due to their high protein content, Fairy Shrimp are often used as fish food. We find this very unfortunate because the Branchinella Thailandensis Sanoamuang is a great colorful Fairy Shrimp species which, in our opinion, deserves to be admired in an aquarium. The coloring of Branchinella Thailandensis Sanoamuang is blue, white and red. This Fairy Shrimp reaches a size of usually 2 - 4 centimeters. Fairy Shrimp are backstroke swimmer and, as such, they glide almost weightlessly through the aquarium. Fairy Shrimp have an egg sac in which they keep the eggs up to their release. Unlike Triops, Fairy Shrimp do not keep to the ground. Fairy Shrimp also do not bury their eggs, but just release them. Fairy Shrimp, theoretically, do not require sand in the aquarium as they are not making use of the aquarium sand in any way. However, we recommend a substrate since this improves the filtration of the water and thus the water quality.

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