Triops Australiensis Queensland

Triops Australiensis Queensland - The Silver Aussi

The Triops australiensis Queensland originated from Australia. This is why it probably received its name “australiensis”. The Queensland is a very thermophilic Triops which means that you cannot raise them without heating elements in the Aquarium because they only feel really comfortable at temperatures above 28 ° Celsius. Due to the fact that the Australiensis Queensland like it very warm, they are also growing very fast. You can virtually watch this Triops-species grow. Within two weeks they can already reach a size of 4 centimeters including the tail fork and are then also already able to bury Triops-eggs in the sand. Due to the warm temperatures, however, the does lifespan suffer a little bit. Usually, Australiensis Queensland do not become any older than eight weeks. On a positive sidenote, it is notable that this Triops-species does not exhibit a particularly cannibalistic tendency. The Australiensis Queensland is very peaceful and does not even lay a finger on deceased Triops. The Triops Queensland is characterized by its very beautiful, shimmering silver shell and its comparably long tail. The Aussies, as they are affectionately called by fans, are extremely agile and, therefore, do not stay exclusively at the bottom of the aquarium but swim frisky and rapidly through the entire basin.

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