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Triops Longicaudatus Arizona Starter Set 150 Eggs

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Dieser Artikel: Triops Longicaudatus Arizona Starter Set 150 Eggs


Triops Longicaudatus Arizona

Triops Longicaudatus lives in North and South America. This species is one of the "younger" types of triops, of which "younger" is of course relative: also Triops Longicaudatus should already have at least 100 million years under its belt. But unlike Triops Cancriformis, which is already 220 million years old, Triops Longicaudatus is still a baby. The species is probably a hybrid of Triops Newberryi and Triops Granarius, which crossed a long time ago when the continents of Earth were even closer together. Triops Longicaudatus is the most common type of triopsy species on the market. Even the major manufacturers use them for their commercially-made sets, as they are very easy to hold and therefore well suited for beginners. This Triops species grows very fast and is therefore very nice to watch especially for children, as they can be observed every day while growing. While other types of Triops focus almost exclusively on digging in the sand, Triops longicaudatus love to swim very fast. The Triops Longicaudatus is an attraction in every aquarium and fun for the whole family. This strain was first discovered in Arizona and is much darker than the normal Longicaudatus.

Characteristics :
Size: 4 - 8 cm
Color: Dark Brown - Dark Gray - Black
Temperature: 22-26 ° C
Life expectancy: 60 - 90 days
Hatching rate: about every 4th - 5th egg hatches
Delivery :
1 breeding stock (egg-sand mixture) contains approximately 50 Triops Longicaudatus Arizona eggs
2 grams of poultry feed
Breeding instructions with useful information, tips and tricks for beginners and advanced users

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Item weight: 0,02 kg
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