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Triops Granarius Breeding batch 1000 eggs

Triops Eier-Sandgemisch der Gattung "Triops Granarius", mit ca. 50 Eier.
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Expert Tip:

We recommend buying at least 150 eggs. So you can only use half and have enough eggs for another breeding.

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Triops Granarius Tadpole Shrimp Breeding approach mix

Triops Granarius are the most widely spread Triops on our earth. They reside on three continent and call Europe, Africa and Asia their home. This allows them to live at low temperatures of 22 ° C up to temperatures of 27 ° Celsius. In Asia, Triops Granarius mainly inhabit rice fields where they feel very comfortable.

The Triops Granarius belongs to one of the larger Triops-species. One often reads about up to ten centimeters, realistic in most cases, however, are up to eight centimeters in length. Nevertheless, even this size is remarkable. Their shell features a pattern that looks like it is hand-drawn. Their tail length is significantly longer than that of their shell. What makes the Triops Granariusso special is that Triops-eggs which the females release in the sand are initially worthless. From these cysts no Triops Granarius nauplii will emerge, unless they are fertilized by a male. Most Triops-species do not require fertilization by the male as the females are capable of that themselves. T his is different for Granarius, as here the cooperation of both sexes is necessary to produce a hatchable Triops-egg. Fortunately, the proportion of males among the Granarius is a high 40%. Therefore, there is a good chance that many eggs will be fertilized.

Triops Granarius are considered very exotic Triops as they are not so easy to get in retail. They are a good fit for amateur breeders in Europe, due to their high adaptability to various temperatures.

For you to succeed at getting hatchable Triops Granarius eggs out of your own breeding , some things have to be considered. All related information can be found here: how to properly prepare Triops-eggs

Get yourself the Japanese Tadpole Shrimp, the Triops Granarius, in your own Triops-tank

Triops-species "Granarius":

Size: approx. 5 - 8 cm
Life expectancy:  approx. 60 - 90 days
Temperature: approx. 22 °C.
Hatching rate: approx. every 4th egg hatches

Delivery includes:

1 x Breeding approach mix mix (egg-sand mixture) with Triops Granarius eggs

Shipping weight: 0,03 kg
Item weight: 0,02 kg
productdetail_info1: Size: approx. 5-7cm
experttip: We recommend buying at least 150 eggs. So you can only use half and have enough eggs for another breeding.
productdetail_info2: Life expectancy: about 60 - 90 days
productdetail_info3: Temperature range: 25 - 28 °C
productdetail_info4: Origin: America
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