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Properly Hatching Triops as Pets

2022-01-26 11:25:00 / Triops / Tadpole Shrimps Tips and Tricks / Comments 0

Each generation has grown up with their alternative pets: ant farms, sea monkeys, pet rocks, Tamagochi, Furbies, but there are still others waiting to attract the next generation. But there's one odd animal that is most favored by many favorites, and they are known as Triops

Whether you get your Triops kits in a kit or get the eggs and lay your own, they're pretty easy to raise. Eggs can be incubated in small unfiltered containers of distilled water or filtered osmosis (reverse osmosis); Never use tap water or any other source of water that contains chlorine or any chemicals that may harm them. 

You must optimize a high temperature for your Triops and it should be between 70 and 80 degrees fahrenheit low. If the temperature of the room changes or is more economical than this, you can use a small radiator or even a standard desk lamp to keep the water warm, but be careful not to increase the temperature too much (most references recommend 86-88 degrees as the upper limit for the incubation of Triops). 

Light is also essential to start hatching; an increase in lighting and water shows to the eggs that not only is their environment moist again but that the egg is not deeply buried in the sediment. The eggs hatch in about 18 to 48 hours, depending on factors such as the species of eggs and the temperature. Newborn Triops are tiny and will look like little white spots jumping around in the water. About two days after hatching, the Triops will start swimming more than jumping, and you can start feeding them with crushed scales or granules (most kits will come with food). 

As they grow, you can move them to a giant aquarium and supply them with more abundant food, but they are relatively undemanding; Regular water changes will keep the Triops happy, and they can even live a month or more depending on the growth rate.  They can even reproduce and give you a new generation of eggs that can be dried and reincubated after a few weeks of diapause.

Triops are cool little animals that aquarists of all skill levels can develop with a bit of patience. One last tip, developing a proper tank for your Triop pets will definitely make them last longer. So, whenever you're planning on having them as pets, follow the proper guidelines!

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