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5 Things that You Should Know About Triops

2022-01-26 11:29:00 / Triops / Tadpole Shrimps Tips and Tricks / Comments 0

Many of you are still asking what triops are and what they’re capable of doing. Well, in this short article, we’re going to answer these frequently asked questions! Let’s start!

What are Triops?

These are small freshwater shrimp that grow from small eggs that you can buy at most pet or toy stores, and especially at our triops king online store. They are often called tadpoles or shrimp shields.

The scientific name is Triops longicaudatus (TRY-OPS LON-GA-CAW-DA-TUS), by far the most common species that you will find for sale in stores because they are part of the scientific toy kits that you can usually find at kosmos or toyops. Triops cancriformis (TRY-OPS CAN-RIFF-FORM-IS) comes from Europe and grows and lives more!

What do they do?

They swim a lot, eat a lot, grow even more, and lay eggs. They are fun to watch with their pranks when somersaults swim in search of food. Some teachers also use them in class to teach life sciences.

Other people use them as a "beginner's guide to raising fish" in a

Aquarium. Because if you can take care of a Triops for a few months, maybe you would like to take care of the fish in a large tank! 

It’s also a great starter pet without getting too emotionally attached too. When a triop dies, you don’t have to grieve at its own grave because they usually have a short lifespan which is pretty normal. Unlike, for example, a dog or a cat where you can really get emotional, especially if it has been with you for years.

How do they breathe underwater?

They are very ancient creatures, and the ability to breathe with your feet evolved a long time ago! Fish have gills on the sides of their heads. The triops have their guts on their legs!

Do they really have “Three - Eyes?”

Yes, Triops has been around for a long time and has developed strange things. One of his eyes detects the light, so he knows in which direction it is "up." While the other two eyes look for predators or snacks.

How old are they?

Too old! Triops (Triops cancriformis) has been around for more than 220 million years. Then they saw giant dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus rex and Stegosaurus coming and going too.

They swam in pools when giant mammals like the woolly mammoth roamed the Earth.

When our ancestors lived in the trees, the Triops were in their pool, swimming, and eating.

Today they are known as the oldest living animal species in the world. No wonder they are often called living fossils!


Summing it up, Triops are the best pet starters can have. With its easy to maintain nature and affordability, there’s no doubt that kids,and even you as an adult can get your very own triop kit. And speaking of triop kits, you can get one by ordering here in our triop kings online store where you can see a variety of triop breeds to choose from.

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