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Triops Longicaudatus Tadpole Shrimp Starter Set Plus 1000 eggs

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Dieser Artikel: Triops Longicaudatus Tadpole Shrimp Starter Set Plus 1000 eggs
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Triops Longicaudatus Tadpole Shrimp Starter Kit Plus

Triops Longicaudatus, also called "Longis" amongst experts, were first discovered in America. Today, the Longicaudatus is probably the most popular species of Tadpole Shrimp. The Longicaudatus is a very thermophilic Tadpole Shrimp which is why they grow slightly faster than other Triops-species. They are not satisfied with only digging in the sand all day but, instead, they are cheerfully swimming around in their “Triops-flat” – their tank. The optimal temperature for keeping Triops Longicaudatus is between 24-28 ° Celsius.

The lifespan of a Longis is rather short with it being only two to three months. Thus, this species is a very good way of testing and enhancing the sense of responsibility of children and teenagers.

Longicaudatus are sexually mature after only two weeks which is when they start to produce cysts, also called “Triops-eggs”. After breeding, you may either dry those or deep-freeze them in the freezer for around two weeks until you can release them again into the tank for a new breeding cycle. Within 48 hours, small Triops Longicaudatus nauplia will hatch from these Triops-eggs. A step by step guide for the preparation of Triops-eggs can be found here: how to properly prepare Triops-eggs

Equipment required in addition to this set is a tank for rearing, as well as a heating pad or heating rod. Furthermore, for a successful hatch we recommend using a lamp, as daylight usually provides a sufficient intensity only during the summer months.

In addition to the eggs-sand-mixture, in which we provide the Triops-eggs of Triops Longicaudatus, you will also receive two grams of Spirulina algae powder in this Tadpole Shrimp Set. It serves as adequate feed during their first two weeks. As of an age of more than two weeks, you can feed the Triops with the main food. This can be crushed between the finger tips to facilitate an easier ingestion for the Triops. For this purpose, a water conditioner is provided which contains leaves of the tropical almond tree and adds elements to the water that make it suitable for fish. In addition, we also provide you with step by step instructions for breeding, for your Triops-breeding to become a success.

The Triops Longicaudatus is an eye-catcher in every aquarium and a fascinating pet for the whole family.

Triops-species "Longicaudatus":

Size: approx. 5 - 7 cm
Life expectancy: approx. 60 - 90 days
Temperature range: 24th - 28 ° C
Hatching rate: approx. every 4th egg hatches

Delivery includes:

1 x Breeding approach mix (egg-sand mixture) with Longicaudatus eggs
5 Grams of Spirulina algae powder for the first two weeks
5 Grams basic feed for the age as of two weeks
1 x Water conditioner
1 x Rearing guide with useful information, tips and tricks for beginners and advanced breeders


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